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My Grandmother's maiden name was Reneschler

Barn built by great grandfather Reneschler.

Door to Renschler home place

Elizabeth and William Renschler

Great grandparents Tombstone

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Back from a Short Vacation in Chicago

Here is a picture of me in front of Minnie Juenger Schmidt's picture.  My picture was taken several years ago when we were at Edna's bed and breakfast.  My sisters said there was some resemblance between the two of us.  I'm not sure I see it, but maybe you will.

My granddaughter, Reagan, and I spent 3 days last week in Chicago.  We had great fun and made some wonderful memories, but it is good to be home again.  It isn't for long, however.  Tomorrow I am taking 2 other grandchildren to the zoo and then my husband and I are going to Southern Illinois for several days.  I am telling you all of this because I won't be posting much for awhile.

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Look Down

Make sure you look at the bottom of this blog for a few sites you can do genealogy research with.  They are easy to miss so that is why I wanted to point them out to you.

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Washington County, Illinois Pre 1910 Probate Records

Juenge, Hy Estate 275
Juenger, H. Estate 297
Juenger, Ph. Estate 233  
Junger, Geo. Estate 61
Junger, Geo. Heirs of 140 Junger, Hy. Estate 76
Junger, Nicholas Estate 73
Junger, Ph & Michael Minors 264

The Juengers Settled in Lively Grove, Washington County Illinois

Juengers in the Washington County Census of 1920

199A 11  223 9A   Juenger         Anna S.           17      Illinois               ed223-pg195b.txt
189A 26  222 7A   Juenger         Armin             6       Illinois               ed222-pg187a.txt
191A 31  223 1A   Juenger         Arthur A.         7       Illinois               ed223-pg191a.txt
194B 87  223 4B   Juenger         Augusta C.        15      Illinois               ed223-pg191a.txt
194B 84  223 4B   Juenger         Augusta E.        40      Illinois               ed223-pg191a.txt
189A 21  222 7A   Juenger         Barbara           44      Illinois               ed222-pg187a.txt
189A 24  222 7A   Juenger         Bertha            14      Illinois               ed222-pg187a.txt
199A 35  223 9A   Juenger         Christ E.         34      Illinois               ed223-pg195b.txt
191A 32  223 1A   Juenger         Clara L.          3 1/12  Illinois               ed223-pg191a.txt
189A 25  222 7A   Juenger         Dora              11      Illinois               ed222-pg187a.txt
191A 28  223 1A   Juenger         Dora A.           29      Illinois               ed223-pg191a.txt
191A 33  223 1A   Juenger         Elsie H.          5/12    Illinois               ed223-pg191a.txt
189A 22  222 7A   Juenger         Emil              19      Illinois               ed222-pg187a.txt
189A 23  222 7A   Juenger         Flora             17      Illinois               ed222-pg187a.txt
191A 27  223 1A   Juenger         Fred M.           37      Illinois               ed223-pg191a.txt
191A 29  223 1A   Juenger         Freda L. D.       13      Illinois               ed223-pg191a.txt
189A 42  222 7A   Juenger         George J.         40      Illinois               ed222-pg187a.txt
189A 20  222 7A   Juenger         George M.         47      Illinois               ed222-pg187a.txt
199A 15  223 9A   Juenger         Helen M.          4 7/12  Illinois               ed223-pg195b.txt
189A 43  222 7A   Juenger         Henry L.          37      Illinois               ed222-pg187a.txt
197A 18  223 7A   Juenger         Henry L.          41      Illinois               ed223-pg195b.txt
194B 88  223 4B   Juenger         Ida               12      Illinois               ed223-pg191a.txt
197A 22  223 7A   Juenger         Irene F.          7       Illinois               ed223-pg195b.txt
192A 3   223 2A   Juenger         Johanna           30      Illinois               ed223-pg191a.txt
192A 8   223 2A   Juenger         Johanna D.        1 5/12  Illinois               ed223-pg191a.txt
253B 63  228 9B   Juenger         John F.           69      Illinois               ed228-pg252a.txt
197A 19  223 7A   Juenger         Katie             33      Illinois               ed223-pg195b.txt
194B 85  223 4B   Juenger         Lena              20      Illinois               ed223-pg191a.txt
192A 6   223 2A   Juenger         Leona M.          5       Illinois               ed223-pg191a.txt
197A 21  223 7A   Juenger         Leonard P.        8       Illinois               ed223-pg195b.txt
192A 2   223 2A   Juenger         Louis             35      Illinois               ed223-pg191a.txt
199A 14  223 9A   Juenger         Louretta L.       7       Illinois               ed223-pg195b.txt
199A 10  223 9A   Juenger         Maggie A.         41      Illinois               ed223-pg195b.txt
189A 41  222 7A   Juenger         Mary              46      Illinois               ed222-pg187a.txt
253B 65  228 9B   Juenger         Mary              41      Illinois               ed228-pg252a.txt
284A 29  232 4A   Juenger         Matrina           64      Illinois               ed232-pg281a.txt
194B 83  223 4B   Juenger         Mike              48      Illinois               ed223-pg191a.txt
194B 86  223 4B   Juenger         Mike F.           18      Illinois               ed223-pg191a.txt
194B 90  223 4B   Juenger         Myrtle            2 10/12 Illinois               ed223-pg191a.txt
192A 5   223 2A   Juenger         Neta F.           7       Illinois               ed223-pg191a.txt
199A 12  223 9A   Juenger         Olinda L.         13      Illinois               ed223-pg195b.txt
192A 4   223 2A   Juenger         Paul H.           8       Illinois               ed223-pg191a.txt
197A 20  223 7A   Juenger         Pauline H.        13      Illinois               ed223-pg195b.txt
199A 9   223 9A   Juenger         Philip            47      Illinois               ed223-pg195b.txt
253B 64  228 9B   Juenger         Philip A.         63      Illinois               ed228-pg252a.txt
192A 7   223 2A   Juenger         Sylvia O.         3 10/12 Illinois               ed223-pg191a.txt
197A 23  223 7A   Juenger         Violet K.         1 9/12  Illinois               ed223-pg195b.txt
194B 89  223 4B   Juenger         Walter            10      Illinois               ed223-pg191a.txt
199A 13  223 9A   Juenger         Walter J.         10      Illinois               ed223-pg195b.txt
189A 40  222 7A   Juenger         William           48      Illinois        

Older Juengers

Maria Juenger, Daughter of George Juenger Senior

Birth: 1875
Death: 1888
Biddleborn Cemetery
Washington County
Illinois, USA

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Michael and Kate (Bollmeier) Juenger UPDATED

Son of George Juenger, Senior.  Born July 19, 1886.  Michael was the youngest child of George Juenger, Senior and Maria Stehl Juenger and went with his mother when she left George.

This is a story about his parents which was written by Michael Juenger:

The story of Mike Juenger as told by his son Michael

"Son of George Juenger and Mary Stehl Juenger, Michael was born 19 July 1886, one of nine children.  (Those known, but not in sequence of birth are:  George, Henry-Dick, Connie, Louis, Nettie and Mike plus 2 other brothers and a sister unknown EDITORS NOTE:  UNKNOWN SISTER I BELIEVE IS CHARLOTTE--SEE PICTURE AT BOTTOM OF POST).  He was not the first son and in the German tradition was not scheduled to inherit.  He joined the military.  His Dad and mother were divorced and both remarried—why or to who is unknown.  We do not know the particulars of this period.  (The stigma of divorce kept Dad from discussing this with his family.)  We do know that he served at least 2 hitches in the army---one on the Border Patrol along the Rio Grande during part of the Poncho Villa era and in the Philippines during the Philippine Insurrection.  He joined again during WWI, but saw no action.

Michael (Mike) married Anna Katherine (Kate) Bollmeier on the 24th of December 1918 and became a farmer again.  Charlotte was born on the 18 September 1919.  Mike entered Great Lakes Veterans Hospital in 1921 because of a back injury suffered in the Philippines.  Kate was pregnant again and in 1922 moved to Chicago to be near Mike when she delivered.

Mike was a strict disciplinarian probably due to his German and military background.  He was not a demonstrative person and did not show or openly express love for his family.  But Mike was fun to be around and always had a humorous story or anecdote that enlivened any group discussion.  He loved to play Pinochle and Euchre.  He was not a drinking man, but he made his own home brew.  I never saw him drunk or turn down a drink.

Mike was a farmer at heart, but after leaving it in 1928-29 he never had the wherewithal to get back into it. He abhorred debts and either paid cash or did with out.  For a few years he was a hired farmhand during planting and harvesting periods, but he was also a barber, carpenter, woodworker and butcher.  All of our farm neighbors invited the family at butchering and Mike was always the supervisor, ham and bacon trimmer, salting specialist and smoke house advisor.  We had our own smokehouse and Kate was the sausage maker.  No wonder they were so popular.  (For some reason the sentences above are in caps --not by Michael, but by the writer of this post.  Please disregard.)
Mike developed gangrene in his big toe, left foot and lost his leg three years before he died on 15 October 1962.  His memoirs will note that his six kids married well and none of them or their spouses has ever run afoul of the law for more than a traffic violation.

Kate was a great homemaker, Mother and supportive wife.  Anytime Kate disagreed with Mike, the kids were never aware of it.  All confidential discussions were either held at night in their bedroom or in German which we children didn’t understand.  The most common mild argument concerned correct German language.  Kate had been confirmed in the German Lutheran Church and could read, write and speak German so she always prevailed.  Mike spoke low German flavored with Mexican and Philippine Spanish.
Kate survived Mike by 17 years.  She was a hardworking cook and dietitian at the local grade school beloved by everyone.  She retired at age 79 and died at age 84.
Michael Fred Juenger was born 31 Jan 1922 at 2201 Prairie Ave in Chicago.  In April of that year, Mike, Kate and Family moved to a farm near South Springfield, IL.  A year later they moved to a farm north of Springfield near Sherman, IL.  Here they farmed successfully and Virginia Louise was born 12 November 1925.  In 1928 Mike suffered a recurrence of his back problem and was in and out of government hospitals until his back was fused in 1928.  The bank foreclosed in 1929 and Kate and family moved to Sherman where we lived in 5 different houses during the next 10 years.  Mike would come home occasionally, but would have to return to another Veterans’ Hospital.  In trying for a disability pension, he found that that all the records of his accident in the Philippines had been destroyed by fire and he was never approved for a pension. 
His disability did not extend to his home life and Mary Matilda was born 10 April 1929, Olga Marlene was born 8 June 1934 and Betty Lou Yvonne was born 29 September 1940. 
After his back was fused, Make was again able to work and was a better man at 55 than he was at 40.


Children of Michael Juenger: Art , Virginia (m. W.W. Manning)born
12 November 1925, Henry and Gert (Bollmeier) Kuethe, Mary Juenger (m. T.
Johnson) born 10 April 1929,unidentifed, and Betty Juenger (Fey) born 29
September 1940. Henry Kuethe married Gert Bollmeier, daughter of Happy
Florence Briggs Bollmeier. Gert was born 18 March 1918.
Charlotte (Juenger) Johnson and her husband Turner Johnson. Charlotte is
the daughter of Michael and Kate (Bollmeier) Juenger.She lives in Sherman
near Springfield, IL

Placeholder for Phillip Juenger

Son of George Juenger, Senior.

A Post from Ancestry.com:

Yes, my Juenger family is from the Biddleborn, Lively Grove area of Washington County, IL. My Grandfather ran a Molasses Mill, sawmill, and other farmer services om the Lively Grove road about 4 miles or so west of Lively Grove. His name was Phillip Juenger and his son, my father's name is Walter Juenger. I have been told, not sure though, that Phillip Juenger, my Grandfather was born in Washington County, Il but that my Great Grandfather was born in Berlin, Germany. Have had almost no results in finding out him. Great Grandfathers name was Christ Juenger.

Placeholder for Johann Ludwig Juenger

Son George Juenger Senior.

Heinrich Juenger UPDATED

Heinrich shown here with Conrad (Coon) Juenger.
Son of George Juenger, Senior.  Leonard Juenger, son of Heinrich and Catherine (Erb) Juenger.   Leonard married Armeta Weilmuenster.

Placeholder for Johanetta (Nettie) Juenger

Born October 12, 1888 and died April 3, 1946.

Placeholder for Catherine Juenger

Born Sept 24, 1866 and died March 9, 1887.

Louis Juenger 11th Child of George Juenger Senior UPDATED

The picture above is of Johanna (Hannah) Juenger and her oldest son Paul and was taken around 1912.
Louis Juenger was born February 2, 1884 and died July 22, 1947. He is buried in Darmstadt Cemetery.  He married Johanna (Hannah) Erb September 13, 1910.  Johanna was the daughter of Nick and Louise Erb.  She was born February 24, 1889 and died December 16,1940 and is buried in Darmstadt Cemetery.

Their children: 

Paul born July 29, 1911 and died July 3, 1964.  Married Norrien Steinheimer.  Paul's children:  Verla and Lola Mae (Loretta.)  Lola married a Behrens.

Meta Florence Kirchhoefer born October 2, 1912 and died xxxx.  Married Laverne Kirchhoefer November 2, 1938.

Lisa (Leona) Margaret born January 11, 1914 and died September 20, 1960.  She married Clarence Jollich.  They had 2 children Shirley and Wayne.

Sylvia Olinda was born February 13, 1916. Sylvia married Edwin Weilmuenster September 28,1941.

Hannah (Johanetta) Dora born July 17, 1917 and died July 12, 1980.  She married Clemens Ahlers.

Louis Michael Jr. was born Sept 24,1920 and married Arlene C Krauss. They have 3 children and celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in 2012.

Albert was born September 10, 1922. He married Vera FixThe picture is of Albert and Vera (Fix) Juenger on their 30th wedding anniversary. They celebrated their 60th anniversary in July, 2012. Albert, son of Louis and Hannah Juenger, worked at Mallinckrodt Chemical Inc. until he retired. Albert served in the US Army from December 1943 until November 1946 and exited as a
Sergeant. He was in the first
confirmation class at Holy Ghost UCC Church in Darmstadt in 1930's that was taught in English (not German.)

Lillian was born July 23, 1924 and died November 11, 1970.  She married Melvin Grubi.

Allen Russell was born September 24, 1926 and married Mona Schmidt. Adopts Dean Schmidt. 

Arnold Nicholas was born June 18,1928.  He married Bertha Helbig.  They had 3 children.  Arnold is still alive.

Warren was born in 1931.

Note:  According to the probate of Johannas' will to minors as of May 22, 1941.  Age as o 17 Feb 1940:

Louis Jr 20
Albert   18
Lillian  16
Allan    14
Arnold   12
Warren    9

Minors were to receive a total of $750 to be invested in savings bond for them and some to Nick Erb, her brother but who was deceased.

Picture of Louis Juenger and Charlie Heintz out for an event.

Louis enjoying a cigar on the porch of his home in Darmstadt.  According to his obituary, Louis was a
prominent retired farmer in the Lively Grove Township, IL. He was born
February 2, 1884 and died July 22, 1947. He married Hannah Erb on 13
September 1910. Their children were: Paul (m.Norine Steinheimer) born 29
July 1911 and died 3 July 1964, Meta (m. Laurvin Kirchhoefer) born 2 October
1912 and died 2 February 2005, Leona (m. Clarence Koch) born 11 January 1914
and died 20 September 1966, Sylvia (m. Edwin Weilmuenster) born 13 February
1916 and died 4 Novewmber 2004, Hannah (m. Clemens Ahlers) born 17 July 1917
and died 12 July 1980, Louis Jr.(m.Arlina Kraus) born 24 September 1920 and
died 22 September 2002, Albert (m.Vera Fix) born 10 September 1922, Lillian
(m. Melvin Helbig) born 23 July 1924 and died 17 October 1970, Arnold (m.
Bertha Helbig) born 18 June 1928, Allen (m. Fern Mohr), born 24 September
1926 and died 1 January 1982, and Warren (m.Ruth Bader) Juenger born 30
September 1931 and died 3 May 2006. 

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Heinrich L Juenger 7th Child of George Juenge Senior

Heinrich was born June27. 1877 and died October 11, 196. He married Catherine Erb on August 24,1931.. .  Catherine was born July 21, 1885 and died November 28, 1978 and is buried in Biddleborn Cemetery.  Her father's name was Nick Erb.  Nick's mother's maiden name was Louise Erdman.

Heinrich and Catherine's children:

Leonard Phillip born April 12, 1911 and died June 2, 1973.  Leonard married Armita Elizabeth  Weilmunster on August 24, 1971.  She was born on May 2, 1912 and died 25 November 1984. 

Leonard's children:
a.  Clyde who born October 18, 1931. Clyde married June Simm on February 11, 1950. Their children are: David born October 4,1954, Stephen born 9 May 1957.  Both David and Stephen were killed in an automobile accident on June 5, 1970 and are buried in Marissa Cemetery. Other children:  Gerald born May 11, 1959, and Stephanie.

Pauline born on January 17, 1906 and died October 11, 1984 at Oakdale, IL. Pauline Juenger married Edwin Schwessler in Bellville 17 September 1925. Schwessler was born September 6, 1904.  Pauline's children:
a. Curtis M Schenider b.xxx   and  who married Stella Behrens in July  xx
b. Stanley b xxx dxxx who married  Ella Borrenpohl
    Stanley's children:  Steve Kirth, twins Deb and Dan and Martha.
c. Merle born November 14, 1938.  Married Barb Schilder
d.  Jean born Sept 9, 1933 and died in
1984.  Jean married Richard Helscher. Their children are Richard and Mark.

Lou Juenger was a stillborn child of Heinrich.  He was born and died on June 15, 1907. 

Alan Ludwig was born on March 17, 1909 and died as an infant May 10, 1909.  He is buried in Biddleborn Cemetery.

Other children include Irene (birth and death dates unknown) and Violet (birth and death dates unknown)  Violet married Willard Briesacher.

There is a lot of data for the Heinrich Juenger family, but there is a lot more left that must be collected.  We urge you to fill in any blanks you can.

Conrad Juenger Family (Conrad Son of Geo Juenger Sr) UPDATED

Ray Juenger son of Coon Juenger with wife and son.

Obituary of Ray Juenger

Conrad Juenger is shown in the picture above with Leonard Juenger.
Conrad Juenger (Coon) was the 8th child of George Juenger Senior.  He was born December 25, 1879.  He married Effie Faulkerson and lived in the Carmi area.  His children included:  George who was born October 23, 1912 near Carmi, IL and died May 2, 1932 in Burnt Prairie, Allan, Ralph, John, Dorothy, Mary, and Ray who was born April, 10,1918.

Conrad's son, Ray, came to live with our parents in Pontiac, IL.  He was one of many young teenage boys who lived with us for a time.  As a result my Mom and Dad became good friends with Ray and eventually his wife Gladys. We were all shocked and upset when he was killed in a restaurant one morning by the estranged husband of one of the waitresses.  The man came in and was about to attack his wife when Ray stepped in to stop him and was shot and fatally wounded.

George Juenger Senior aka "Ol Hickory" aka Buck UPDATED

George was known as Ol Hickory because he walked with a hickory stick and used it to beat his wife, Anna.  She left him and moved to Nashville.  He was known as Buck because he killed the last buck deer in the area after he was challenged that he couldn't do it.

Notice the 2 George Juengers---one died at birth in 1864 and the second was born in 1873 and is our grandfather.  George Senior was born in Diezenbach, Hessen Germany.  He died on September 13, 1917 when his buggy went out of cotrol because of an automobile.  George married Anna Maria Stehl on May 10, 1863 in St Clair County IL.  Anna was born on January 25 1845 or 18 December 1846.  Anna separated from George and moved to Nashville and ran an hotel which failed.  Then she moved to the Carmi area and married Nicholas Logh and lived on Adam Manz farm.  Sons George and Conrad worked for Freeburger near Carmi. 
Picture of Ol Hickory or Buck
Notes from Jan Bollheimer:  Great Grandfather George Juenger III, Buck, was born in Dietzenbach, Germany February 3, 1842, son of Heinrich and Susanna (Koehler) Juenger.
He was accompanied to IL in 1846 with his eight year old sister, Susanna Juenger. (See "Juenger Family Journey")
George's obituary states that he was 75 years old and resided three miles northeast of Marissa, IL. He was admitted to St. Elizabeth Hospital, Belleville August 27, 1917. He died August 31 due to injuries sustained by a car scaring the horse that was pulling his carriage. His baptismal records were in German and are dated May 15, 1842.  George's body was "shipped" to Finger Funeral Home, Marissa for burial at Biddleborn.